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Book Review The Ten Thousand Things



The Ten Thousand Things (Dead West Book 2) by Tim Marquitz, J.M. Martin, and Kenny Soward. Published by Ragnarok Publications.

With Book 1 of the series, Those Poor Poor Bastards, being touted as Hell on Wheels meets The Walking Dead, we can evolve the assemblage with Hell on Wheels meets The Walking Dead, in the mind of Lovecraft, if he listened to Motorhead and Slayer. And that, dear reader, is a splendid recipe!

The Ten Thousands Things takes the baton from Those Poor Poor Bastards and runs smooth and steady. The pacing has calmed down into a nice rhythm of action, dialogue, and description. The writing has matured (less profanity, and less forced Old West slang) and is blended together nicely, considering we are looking at three authors here.

Not only did this bring the action and gore of Book 1 to a higher level of tendon-snapping goodness, but a good portion of these paragraphs and chapters really brought forth a solid horrific tension, something that I do not usually get from a book. I was actually looking over my shoulder at one point I was so wrapped up (Mind you, I was also drinking a Red Eye and listening to some industrial doom stations).

As the series progresses, I hope the writing continues to blossom, and that maybe we get to see more character’s backgrounds, which is the only thing I find lacking as we giddy-up into the sunset of the apocalypse.

Highly recommended for those who love Zombie, Horror and Gore Splattered Westerns.

ARC received for review.



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The Ten Thousand Things (The Dead West Book 2)

Freshly released!!!! Review Coming Soon.  You need this gore-romping good time tale of the Old West (Zombie style)



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Those Poor, Poor Bastards. Book Review


Those PoorThose Poor, Poor Bastards (Dead West Book#1) by Tim Marquitz, J.M. Martin and Kenny Soward is a small bundle of gory entertainment.  Plenty of action, blood, skull fragments and undead will tickle your morbid palette.


The story itself starts off with the reader being handed plate after plate of Western vernacular, almost to the point of enough is too much (We know it’s a Western, the cliché language needed to be cut back a bit).  But after that, it’s pretty much action, page after page.


Don’t get me wrong, there is great dialogue and some good character development in the pages.  I even found myself smiling at certain parts, which to me, marks the sign of some good writing.  Descriptive visions, comedic elements (“I swallowed my chaw.”), and real heart-felt conversations between Pa and Nina.  A little heavy on the profanity at the beginning, which may take some readers aback, but the usage seems to taper off as the story develops.


I read Westerns periodically, and just about every other genre, and I cannot wait to delve into the rest of this series.

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