USA: Viking Ship Discovered Near Mississippi

USA: Viking Ship Discovered Near Mississippi River


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Book Review. Scourge of the Betrayer by Jeff Salyards

I won a free copy of Scourge of the Betrayer from Melanie Meadors’ blog site, and being a fan of Melanie R. Meadors, Night Shade Books, and of Mr. Salyards…I couldn’t wait to start reading Book 1 of the Bloodsounder Arc.

Night Shade Books put together a nice looking book with a great cover art by J.K. Woodward and a fantastic back cover blurb by the Late Great Jay Lake (rest in peace dear warrior).

Mr. Salyards’ writing style is beautiful, almost lyrical at some points, which is what kept me going…as far as I could go in this book.

The book, being first person limited, is going to have a narrow worldview being brought to life, but Mr. Salyards did this wonderfully through Arki the scribe, our eyes. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of first person, for the most part, and this story seemed to be chugging up hill to get from one point to another. And after 80 pages, I still had no feel for Arki (Killcoin & Lloi on the other hand, have a history just waiting to be revealed). The descriptive writing was good but seemed to go on far too long at some points.

I’ll take the brunt of this here (for me struggling), but I’m a fan of maps, which would have been a plus in my eyes…and I’m also a fan of Chapters. The rhythm of this book is fine, but just keeps going on with barely a break. Too much of a good thing, maybe? But I needed more breaks, which is odd in a book under 300 pages (Trade Paperback mind you). Again, the writing was heavy at times.

Summertime activities, my scattered slow reading habits (a book to my liking will grab me and take a few weeks to finish), has taken its toll in Me vs. SotB, and it is going into the TBR library. I will keep this one in wait, knowing that as the Winter Snows come, I will have some companions that will get me through isolation.

Fans of Military Fiction/Fantasy (Glenn Cook, Chris Bunch) will enjoy this, and for them, I recommend it.


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Made the perfect chai this morning, in a chipped

Made the perfect chai this morning, in a chipped cup. #Profound #It’sJustTea! #EnjoyingTheMoment

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Review: Prince of Thorns


Dark, & filled with bloody acts of revenge & painful truths.  I would/will read the tales of Prince Honorous Jorg Ancrath, but I would never befriend him.  THE anti-hero.
Extremely well written & brilliantly paced.
Recommended for the dark fantasy types…with shades of post-apocolyptic tastes.
5/5* for sure.

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Family Room Gamerness


Gaming life on display, kinda.  #VelvetBag #Dice #Munchkin #ZombieDice #noShame @SJGames

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The Forty First Wink – Official Launch Party.

Join us on FaceBook, tonight 8pm EST, for a release party. Meet and greet authors, have fun, win prizes!

The Forty First Wink – Official Launch Party.


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No Class WDIV

Check out @Local4News’s Tweet:

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The Life

Three books to review (super-late, my bad), another one on the way.  Working on plotting my own work and trying put some word down. And the normal 24/7 husband/dad/boss routine. I shall arise. #amtrying  

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Weather (life) vs. Writing

I’ve been on a minor setback this season as the cold Winter blues and Wet Spring have lost their grip and Summer has claimed my vision with much greenery and birds-a-singing.

I journal, I keep track of my mental comings and goings, and yes, this cycle is right on course. Wintertime, I’m feeling cozy and protected inside. With the only real outdoor activity being shoveling and surviving the drive to and fro, the free time is then on the upswing. My mind ventures forth and reminisces about the times in my teens, when winter meant Holidays, snow days and gatherings of friends and family. Those were great times of reading and roleplaying. AD&D, JRRT, Grenadier figures, bags of dices…paper and pencil, graph paper, late nights. Creating, adventuring, fellowshipping with my friends unto the wee hours of the morn.

Those are the Winter Days of yore though, but I still crave the RPGs, work on them, and read much more in the winter time. It’s how I was raised.

Summertime though, calls me outside to plant, get in the dirt work, on the outdoor stuff (98 Chevy Silverado stuff), garden, cut grass, and embrace the sun. Become Pagan again after months of Christian-based media…settle down with Buddha again, taming the cravings…feeling one with nature, taming the monkeys…feeling one with all, taming Hanuman. With all that pent up get- yo-ass outside energy, my creativity, born in memories and cold isolation, fade.

It is a battle, especially in this beautiful 3-coast state, to set down at the keyboard and type. A battle to sit down and read. A battle to review. Outside calls to damn near 2200 hrs. Bonfires, being by the water, walking trails….ugh, it’s all such innocent temptation.

But soon, I realize that I should not cop-out on my dreams and passions and blame it on everything, including the seasons (I did this about 2 weeks ago). When I create, write, even something as shitty as this, I feel like my real self. You must turn in, struggle a bit and do what will give you a smile in the aftermath, not what gives you instant gratification. We all know how quick that fades.

Struggle. Be. Smile.

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Call of Cthulhu game, live at 2100 via Lovecraft eZine

Getting my Lovecraftian fix for tonight, here.

Watch tonight’s “Call of Cthulhu” game, at 9:00pm Eastern

Thank you Lovecraft eZine for making my Friday night.

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