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Drinking Quest (The Comic) Review

Drinking Quest Comic #1 Review.


Let’s set the stage, Drinking Quest (The Game) is….Well…we will let the Drinking Quest web page explain;



Drinking Quest 1 (2011)


It’s a Drinking Game and a Table Top RPG! Drinking Quest: The Original Drinking RPG is the first chapter in the Drinking Quest series. You’ll recognize many RPG staples like dice, character sheets and saving throws but there are new stakes to this adventure: having to chug your drink in real life! Game night just gained a level.


Drinking Quest: The Original Drinking RPG features these four quests:


Lolevel Forest: A forest full of low level goblins that seem to be in every game. Good for EASY EXPERIENCE POINTS!


Mount Icefist: The snow level features colder beer, more fearsome foes and the introduction of yeti eggs to the DQniverse.


Booze Cruise: Pirates! Grog! Throwing up over the side of the ship! All that and a traveling gambler named Chad.


Zombie Attack: Your home town of Tippler’s Hollow has been taken over by zombies! Fight a horde of zombified creatures that you fought in the earlier quests! Spoiler Alert: Chad comes back as a zombie.



And yes, there is now a Drinking Quest 2, Drinking Quest 3, and a Kickstarter for a Trilogy set!


OK, back to the Comic Review….


If you are new to the game and concept…the story may seem a little meh and lackluster. But, for those familiar with the game itself, or at least RPG’s & Drinking…well even the S&S genre and drinking…or Conan and drinking…or drinking, it does offer a chuckle or two.


The art has it’s ups and downs. When the characters are in the forefront, it’s spot on…placed more in the background and you get a blur (that could be the whiskey though).


A nice prologue with a combo of game rules and story history, would help this comic out, especially since it’s issue 1. Let’s lay it all out Baby! Then all systems for go, launch it, stand back and let it run free!


I could do without the comic, unless it makes some big strides, but I can’t do without this game, and it’s on my radar for a soon to be purchase.




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Egads! Drinking Quest!?!

Why, was I not aware of this!!!!!!???!!!

I must investigate!


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Whiskey is chicken

Trying out my genealogy skills, again, having a pretty good go at the process this time. Family doesn’t help much, but they can give you a butt load of round-about dates and family rumors/legends/dreams. Research, research, and more research weeds out the truth and sheds light on the story out You.

Also, those elders at local Historical societies really know the roots of names and how to work the system…a treasure of usefulness.

This has put my gaming on the back burner, but with that, it has opened up my reading enjoyment. Instead of trying to create a game environment, I have been getting lost in environments that others have created…and tweaked. Such as an ARC of this, and a nice western .

After finishing off my last bottle of Old Grand Dad 100, I figured I stick with Brandy for a bit…seemed like the right move considering winter will never end here, and I feel that Brandy is a good winter/nightcap drink.

Not bad, but not whiskey…in fact, I’ve missed whiskey so much that I started doing shots of brandy! Doh! And then, when I have a chance to either stock up on some bottom shelf rot gut…instead of Old Crow, I go with experimenting with Shellback Silver rum. Why do I just not stick with my favorites….it’s not bad, almost like the opposite of whiskey with a quick burn and heavy vanilla taste instead of vice-versa. But, I really should stick with whiskey…I do the same with Chinese food, always feeling adventurous and ordering something that will remind me why I love Almond Chicken so much.

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I has a sad!


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January 23, 2014 · 10:29 pm