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The Life

Three books to review (super-late, my bad), another one on the way.  Working on plotting my own work and trying put some word down. And the normal 24/7 husband/dad/boss routine. I shall arise. #amtrying  


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Here’s a game for ya fan-boy, fork over the cash.

From a word to a word, I was led to a word, from a link to a link…


This is a rant about gaming and money and how the industry, and even apparently the indie/small game companies can get greedy.


I am a fan of H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu Mythos played much into my reading and gaming experience. With that being said, I think backing this Indiegogo project, World War Cthulhu, is a superb idea. I am a fan of some of these authors, the art looks great and the subject matter right up my alley.


While checking out the fund raising page, I noticed one of the perks (an expensive one) had something to do with a Cthulhu board game put out by Greeneyegames. A figure based Cthulhu board game?…Can we say Squuuueeeee!


I looked it up on line, saw it had a kick starter…one that met, and surpassed it’s $40,000 goal. Understandable that this goal would be quickly met, with Sandy Petersen behind the scene. Yup, it surpassed it into the 7 digit realm, 1.4 million. Holy Dagon! Good Job everyone. So since this was funded, and was looking to be shipped in the spring of 2014, I went to the Greeneyegames web page. And…


Yikes!!!! The core game is $160 bucks! Or you can get everything for the game for around $650 bucks. Holy corpo-greed Hastur!!!! Expansions, figures, all seemed on the high end ($55 for an expansion or $25 for figures) , but most indie publishers have to go on the high end, for cost reasons. But the $160 for the core set…could nothing be made for the regular gamer, the ground troops of the industry, the fans. Oh, sorry, that’s right, we do have the deep discounted “get it all” choice.


I think that would be a lot of bucks to most peeps, so I checked out Cthulhu Wars fb page…and I am seeing many complaints of about a quite company, not updating or answering queries into where the hell is the shipment. 1.4 million dollars people….


I hate seeing greed, and especially from something so fan based, and now I wonder if I should even be backing World War Cthulhu. Guess I’m just a cheap ass blue collared bastard.

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The Paper Plate, is Full!

Put much on my plate the last couple of weeks, and now I’m dealing with an over-indulged to-to list. Not to mention I went to a birthday party yesterday and over ate…ugh. But with that, I am enjoying a couple of aspects of what’s on my plate. I am doing 3 book reviews…which I am really enjoying, and I’m looking into running some War Gaming with plastic army men (no giggling please).

I’ve always been a big fan of Pulps and have just recently discovered the “New Pulp” movement. This pleases me as punch. Back in the day I was a huge The Shadow fan, had a couple of the original pulps in small collection of Detective/Crime pulps, this of course gave birth to my love of Noir and comics…and reading of course (well, it lead to the world of D&D and RPGs with reading-list suggestions). Life goes on, passions get shelved, put in boxes in the attic. Just like all those memories put away in the attic, they always get rediscovered.

Flipping through the many New Pulp fan sites, I came across this one, and was in love with the covers. The premise of the stories intrigued me and I’m now enjoying the process of reviewing these two books by James Maxey.

Another part of the plate is covered with a reading/review of the latest The Dead West series (Book 2. The Ten Thousand Things). A continuation of the great undead Western gore-romp started in Book 1.

Being a paycheck to paycheck blue-collar guy, I’ve been bummed at the price and greed of some of the major table top corps. I like gaming, and when I get into a game, my fault is that I want everything for that game…all the books, figures, dice, limited edition shot glasses, etc…But, I know I can’t do that anymore. When my friend brought over Xwing a couple weekends ago, I had a blast. But when I looked into the prices for the basic set, while not too expensive, looking at the ships and extras I would be pining for lead me to think about other, cheaper versions War Gaming. Which led to…

Plastic Army Men!!!!

I actually went to a Dollar Store and bought a $1 package of tan/green army men, along with my can of Monster, of course. I was thinking, why couldn’t these be used in a cheap table top game. I started going over the typical War Gaming rules in my head intent on making my own game. Hello, internet calling…I looked up and found a few games that had the basic rules and that could easily be adopted to other scenarios. I’m already looking at a couple of zombie or Kaiju concepts.


This is all, right up my alley!

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Non-Gaming Game Night

So the original slant of this blog was to recapture my youth…well, my youthful need for good old fashioned comrade and table top gaming, be it rpgs or board. Our gang, friends for decades, most with family, set aside Saturday as our night to get together and game. Well, so far, we have had one night successfully gamed. Tonight, another blow out fizzle poop. The real world rears it’s head, the wife needed a quite night, and truthfully I didn’t mind obliging…because I was looking forward another Saturday night flash challenge by Shock Totem…until I found out that it was a bi-weekly challenge (I’m a noob), and last week was a challenge, so that means…this week…no challenge. Fizzle Poop to that…

So I decided to map out the town for my story (doing that as I type, kind of, well, between key-strokes and ideas). And I made some home-made cereal bars (fantastic). I finished reading a book and will be starting another. The house is clean. Kids, fed and happy. And I’m listening to some kick-buttocks death metal. Oh, and I also did some major work on the family tree.

Plain and simple, this is not turning out to be a successful gaming blog. More or less a wannabe writer’s soapbox.

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Welcome to the D

Times are a changin’…and it seems that we are going back to the days of the Old West (WDIV link), at least here in Detroit. People are not going to sit back and let themselves become victims anymore. Praying and hoping that something won’t happen to you, though tried for many years, has seem to become stale…sad.

What would I do, in such a situation…would my sense of compassion kick in as I put myself in the perps shoes? Or would my survival mode take over, and then I would just deal with the guilt and compassion later. If you would of asked me this question 20 years ago, my answer would have been much different than today’s…not the same piece of dust I used to be…neither is the world.

Update;  And the fight continues #5

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Roasted Chick Peas and Star Wars!

Working on some “Toasty Oven Chick Peas”, the recipe I acquired from this link. Tweaking to what I have here…garbanzo beans, baking pan sans parchment paper, and garlic and chili powder.

When I go on my bi-yearly health kicks, I tend to want to go the grain/nut route. Nuts, being on the high end of my price range, are a luxury. Chick peas, I can afford. So I hope this works out and encourages me to continue on my hopefully not temporary health kick.

No gaming last night, as we had a sleep over and I was frustrated beyond belief at not knowing who I am…long story there, of course. I hope to either get some F.U.D.G.E. tweaking in later, or at least some more X-wing playing. X-wing is really feeding my desire to get into more war games…but again, price range…budget…it’s doubtful. Not to mention my spiritual leanings really have me question material desires…Ah, the battle of West vs. East readings. You know you’re reading a blog which could totally go bi-polar and start to vent on the naughtiness of gaming and escapism, don’t you? Well, you do now.

Roasted chick peas….delicate balance between dried out and mushy…must try harder next time…a lot harder…

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It’s Cold inda D…farkin cold…

4am, – 6 F, actual temp, wind chill -25, get to work, probably near -40 with the wind off the river. 

One cup O’joe in me gullet, one hour Machine struggling…called it a half day before someone/thing breaks. 
It is cold in the D.  Epic-like.

I await the arrival of  10th anniversary F.U.D.G.E in the mail…should be sometime this week.  Again, this weekend, should be a 1st ed. D&D blast!

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