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No Class WDIV

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People will protect their family, via guns, or tools…luv the D

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March 10, 2014 · 9:26 pm

Welcome to the D

Times are a changin’…and it seems that we are going back to the days of the Old West (WDIV link), at least here in Detroit. People are not going to sit back and let themselves become victims anymore. Praying and hoping that something won’t happen to you, though tried for many years, has seem to become stale…sad.

What would I do, in such a situation…would my sense of compassion kick in as I put myself in the perps shoes? Or would my survival mode take over, and then I would just deal with the guilt and compassion later. If you would of asked me this question 20 years ago, my answer would have been much different than today’s…not the same piece of dust I used to be…neither is the world.

Update;  And the fight continues #5

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