Book Review: Maplecroft by Cherie Priest

Maplecroft by Cherie Priest

Perfect October reading. I mean what more could you ask for with having a Historical/American Mythistory/Urban Legend, combined with the tentacle tugging goodness of HP Lovecraft. Cherie Priest folds it all together nicely for a creepy and sometimes gory tendon-snapping romp through a Massachusetts of yesteryear.

The novel has a layout very similar to Stoker’s Dracula, with the story being told via letters, journal entries, and such. I enjoyed this style, (almost as much as I did when I discovered Dracula years ago) though maybe this style didn’t help with the fleshing out of the characters, and it also makes me wonder how it will carry over to the other “Dispatches”. Can a series of novels, consist of this method for the entire stretch, without losing the reader in the novelty of the process?

Minor Spoiler Alert; Again, I enjoyed the concept, and by the time I hit p.27, and read the words Miskatonic University, I actually did a fist-pump of joy. This I would say, is the sign of enjoyable writing, and a plotting that hits the marks.

I am hoping that in the future books our Heroine will shed some light on that library at Maplecroft, and her knowledge/usage of such occult goodies. I am already a fan of the obligatory detective, Inspector Wolf, and it looks like we will see more of him. There is more to this Simon Wolf, and I hope he comes to the forefront as other characters eventually slip into triumphant madness that calls from the ocean.

As a final compliment, from an old-school RPGer; I would love to have this turned into a some type of campaign for a good old fashion Call of Cthulhu d20 session (7th edition coming out soon mind you). That’s how much I enjoyed it…I could see the setting, and would want to play there! Why does that sound creepy to me?



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