Roasted Chick Peas and Star Wars!

Working on some “Toasty Oven Chick Peas”, the recipe I acquired from this link. Tweaking to what I have here…garbanzo beans, baking pan sans parchment paper, and garlic and chili powder.

When I go on my bi-yearly health kicks, I tend to want to go the grain/nut route. Nuts, being on the high end of my price range, are a luxury. Chick peas, I can afford. So I hope this works out and encourages me to continue on my hopefully not temporary health kick.

No gaming last night, as we had a sleep over and I was frustrated beyond belief at not knowing who I am…long story there, of course. I hope to either get some F.U.D.G.E. tweaking in later, or at least some more X-wing playing. X-wing is really feeding my desire to get into more war games…but again, price range…budget…it’s doubtful. Not to mention my spiritual leanings really have me question material desires…Ah, the battle of West vs. East readings. You know you’re reading a blog which could totally go bi-polar and start to vent on the naughtiness of gaming and escapism, don’t you? Well, you do now.

Roasted chick peas….delicate balance between dried out and mushy…must try harder next time…a lot harder…


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